Faye's Adornments

Faye's Adornments features body jewelry, waist beads and other accessories straight from the motherland - Senegal, Africa. 

According to tradition, these beads are worn to attract partners and spouses and inspire intimacy. By attracting a partner and heating things up in the bedroom, it's said that waist beads can actually increase fertilitiy and help bring on a baby. Once conception occurs, a bead from the mother's waist beads is made into a necklace for the new babe.

But don't worry - you don't need to be trying to conceive to benefit from these beads. Many modern women love the look with crop tops or bikinis. Use as an alternative to traditional lingerie or enjoy the feel and look for private enjoyment. 

Faye’s adornments has a variety of styles from the more traditional beads of Africa, to what's poppin' in the markets of Dakar today.

Our beautiful African waist beads are made by hand from women in Dakar. 

We believe in the power of women and support all sizes, preferences and styles. Find the perfect style for you! 

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