African Waist Beads 

African Waist Beads hand made in Dakar, Senegal

About Faye's Adornments

Faye's Adornments brings you waist beads, body jewelry and accessories from the motherland - West Africa.

For anyone who is new to the concept, Waist Beads date back all the way to ancient times when Egyptian women would wear them as a way to indicate their status or class.

Many years later, these sensual beads are used in countries like Senegal. Traditionally, they are worn for intimacy, to gauge weight loss/gain, provide spiritual protection, and to inspire fertility. In the Senegalese tradition, once a new baby is conceived, the mother removes one of the beads from her original string and creates a necklace for her little one, symbolically continuing the circle of life.

But don't worry, these are great even if you're not trying to conceive. You can rock these with a crop top or bikini, or save them for private moments with your partner.  
We offer styles ranging from traditional designs to what's poppin' right now in the markets of Dakar. 


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